On November 26, 1988, I was born in Boston, where I've lived my entire life. I graduated from Lexington High School in 2007 and Boston College in 2011, with a Bachelors of Science in Management with concentrations in Information Systems, Operations and Strategic Management, and Accounting. On campus, I worked as a teaching assistant and a tutor for several classes in the Management school and Computer Science department. In the summer of 2010, I worked at CSN Stores (now Wayfair) in the Business Intelligence department, using OLAP technology to create powerful reporting solutions.

In the fall of 2010, I launched Twizia in order to create and distribute mobile software applications. Notable apps I've created are Health Manager and Sports Trivia Portal, which run on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. After graduation, I decided to turn my hobby of development into a full-time software and web development business, called Ion Development. Outside of work, I'm a sports fanatic who loves spending time with friends and my girlfriend, Chelsea. To me, there's nothing better than a Sunday packed with sports or a late night trip to Chinatown.